About the Library

Librarian: Fr. M Chikuni, C.Ss.R

Assistant Librarian: Ms Charlene Maenzanise (librarian@holytrinity.ac.zw; +263786738803).

When using the library:

  1. Bags and packages must be left, at owner’s risk, at the entrance.
  2. The assistant librarian’s desk is out of bounds to all library users.
  3. Silence must be observed in the library.
  4. Eating, drinking and sleeping are not permitted in the library.
  5. The use of cell phones in the library is not permitted.
  6. Used books should not be returned to the shelves. This is the work of the librarian.
  7. Users are encouraged to do as much reading as possible in the library, so that books remain available to other users.
  8. Report to any damage to books the assistant librarian as quickly as possible, (e.g. loose pages).
  9. Reference books may not be taken out of the library.
  10. No library book may be marked in any way, even by pencil.
  11. Students may borrow up to 14 books at a time.
  12. Books must be returned on or before the date due.
  13. Loss of books will be charged to the borrower at replacement value.
  14. Books may only be borrowed from the library using the bar-coded library I.D card.
  15. No borrowed books may be passed to another borrower. The loan must be registered by the Librarian.

 The assistant librarian may:

  • Allocate books to the reserve shelf.
  • Give permission for reserved books to be borrowed overnight. They must be returned by 9.00 am the next morning.
  • Recall books before the due date.
  • Forbid a particular library user to borrow books, e.g., for persistent abuse of library books or borrowing rights.
  • Check the bags of those exiting the library.
  • Recommend to the Librarian/Dean that a persistent offender be excluded from the library, either for a stated period or permanently.