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This page consist of the Name of books that can be found on our Library Management System – Online public access catalog (OPAC)


The promised end
The historical Jesus in context
Liberation Theology
Liberation theology
The Theology of Paul's letter to the Galatians
Faith & Freedom
The Experience of God
Baptism in the New Testament
Church the sacrament of christ
Befriending the earth
The Hidden manna
Human sexuality in the Catholic tradition
Let every soul be Jesus' guest
Handbook of Catholic theology
The Lord's supper in the new testament
Eucharistic presence
Primary readings on the Eucharist
What are they saying about masculine spirituality?
Keeping Hope alive
Persons, divine, and human
On being human
The Church
Crisis in the church
The Theology of Priesthood
Early christian worship
Religion and political society
Death in the secular city
Christ and counter-Christ;
On the theology of death
The Mystery of the church
Process theology
The Dynamics of grace
Christian theology
Explorations in spirituality
Two Old Testament theologies
Christianity and the world order
Ministers of Christ and his church
Discerning Spirit
God - in Fragments
Paul's Idea of community
Discover your conflict management style
The Way of the Lord Jesus
Spirituality and moral theology
Moral theology in the modern world.
Constants in context
Kenosis in theosis
The Theology of marriage and celibacy
The future of creation