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This page consist of the Name of books that can be found on our Library Management System – Online public access catalog (OPAC)


Pastoral Theology
History of Dogma
Jesus Is Lord
A Human Apostolate
The Dark Interval
The Weakness of God
The Christian Social Conscience
The Ground and Grammar of Theology
Law In Paul's Thought
She Who Is
The Theory of Christian Education Practice
Historical Criticism and Theological Interpretation of Scripture
Passion Narratives and Gospel Theologies
The Göttingen Dogmatics
Hindu Theology
Powers, Weakness, and the Tabernacling of God
Church Contribution to Integral Development
Religious Education and Theology
The Theology and Practice of Love
Border Regions of Faith
The Pastoral Care of the Mentally Ill
The Word
The Formation of Christian Dogma;
A Ministry Shaped by Mission
The Theology of Promise
Together On the Way
Religion In the Age of Romanticism
Paul's Concept of Inheritance
Principalities and Powers;
Believing In God
Toward A Scientific Theology /ralph Wendell Burhoe
The Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine
The Solace of Fierce Landscapes
Paul and the Jewish Law
The End of Time?
A Big-Enouch God
Blessed Rage for Order
Theological Explanation;
Pastoral Medicine
Faith and Ethics;
The Theology of Jurgen Moltmann /richard Bauckham
The Obedience of Faith;
Protestant Theology In the Nineteenth Century
Unmasking the Powers
Naming the Powers
Why Animal Suffering Matters
Luke and the Law