Open Access E-Resources

Z Library, religion etc
PDF Drive https://www.pdfdrive.comPhilosophy, religion etc
AU Presswww.aupress.caFree accessible books.
Project Bartlebywww.bartleby.comNovels on Fiction, Drama,Poetry, Short Stories, Reference Books, Dictionaries.
Codesriawww.codesria.orgBook series
College Open Textbookswww.collegeopentextbooks.orgCollection of peer reviewed open textbooks.
Directory of Open Access Bookswww.doabooks.orgIncludes resources on Philosophy and Religion.
Edtech Books www.edtechbooks.orgEducation Technology.
Equity Presswww.equitypress.orgFreely accessible Books. Librarieswww.globethics.netEthics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion etc
Project Gutenbergwww.gutenberg.orgA wide range of collection
Alex Catalogue of Electronic textswww.infomotions.comAmerican Literature, English Literature, Western Philosophy
InTech Open Access, humanities, technology and medicine.
Knowledge Unlatchedwww.knowledgeunlatched.orgHumanities and social sciences.
OAPEN Librarywww.oapen.orgHumanities and social sciences.
BCcampus Open Textbooks, sciences, social sciences, and business studies etc
Open Text Book Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Open Book Publisherswww.openbookpublishers.comHumanities, social science etc
OpenStaxwww.openstax.orgIncludes resources in Humanities (History).
The Open and Humanities, Education and others.
Orange Grove Texts Pluswww.orangegrovetexts.orgA wide range of disciplines.
Oxford Text
Page by Page Bookswww.pagebypagebooks.comClassic Novels.
Universal Librarywww.pagebypagebooks.comDiverse books and collections of Journal and Research material.
Sharing the and philosophy.
Open SUNY Textbookswww.textbooks.opensuny.orgBio-medical ethics and literature.
UCL Openly accessed university press for ebooks
UNESDOC Digital Education, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities etc